Still Enchanted [ Saviour ]

Layout & Credits

The current incarnation of Still Enchanted is called Saviour. I made this layout in honour of the 10th and final season of Smallville. I've had a love/hate relationship with Smallville, but it's been in my viewing rotation since it debuted in 2001 and it's finishing on a real creative upswing; there's no doubt I will miss it when it's gone. The layout features caps of Tom Welling as Clark Kent from episode 9.01, "Savior" (but I say "Saviour" because I am Canadian). I got the caps from Smallville Dedication, and the font is Roadway.

I created this site in Photoshop and and KomodoEdit using an extremely hacked version of CodeGRRL's Flinx Collective script -- so hacked that honestly, not much of the original remains -- plus a snippet from Julie to make it work. It's been tested it in IE, Firefox, and Netscape and it seems to look fine in all browsers though it will probably look best in Firefox at a resolution of 1600x900. If the layout is giving you problems, you could always contact me to let me know. I'm hosted at DreamHost, which is an excellent company and I highly recommend them.

Past Layouts

version 9.0: REDRUM

Info This layout featured an image of Michael C. Hall in a promo for Dexter, which may be my favourite current TV show. I found the image at Daydreaming, and the font is called CollateralDamage.

version 8.0: Bethany Joy

Title Bethany Joy
Info This layout featured an image of the lovely Bethany Joy Galeotti, who plays Haley on One Tree Hill. I spent much of the summer of 2009 marathoning OTH and became a bit obsessed with it, so I thought I'd make a Haley layout. I used a texture from peoplemachines on the image and the font is News701 BT.

version 7.0: Alfie, are you in there?

Title Alfie, are you in there?
Info This layout featured an image which I love of Dany Heatley (my favourite hockey player at the time) of the Ottawa Senators (my favourite hockey team) hugging his teammate and captain Daniel Alfredsson. I'm not sure where this image originally came from ... it was given to me by a fellow LJ user, who is very kind. I used a texture by peoplemachines on the image and the font is BellCent Add BT. GO SENS GO!!!

version 6.0: Apples

Title Apples
Info This layout was one of my favourite layouts that I've ever made, which is why I left it up for such a long time. It featured a couple of screencaps from the excellent movie The Cider House Rules. I'd been wanting to make a layout with images from the apple-picking scenes for a long time because I think the trees are so pretty (and also I will never turn down an excuse to make a layout featuring Tobey Maguire). The screencaps were my own, but I used quite a lot of brushes and textures on them including a TRE-xture, a texture by peoplemachines, and brushes by Vered, Hybrid Genesis, and my friend Julie. The font used in the layout was BigNoodleTitling. My favourite thing about this layout was the bright colours.

version 5.0: Farscape

Title Farscape
Info This layout, which I really liked and kept up for a long time, featured an image of John Crichton and Aeryn Sun from the TV series Farscape. (Yes, my title was very creative. Thank you.) I found the image online at some random community and played around with the colours in PhotoShop till I got the nice shades of brown I ended up using on the site, which I think was simple but pretty. The font used in the layout was JohannSparklingITC and I used a stamp by outside_icons to add a bit of a background to the image.

version 4.0: This Charming Man 1

Title This Charming Man I: It's Not Easy Being Green
Info Skin #1 in the This Charming Man series of layouts featuring men wearing suits. It featured Tobey Maguire. The picture used in the layout came from a Tobey fansite which no longer exists and the font used was Dream Orphans. Brushes were by Insomniac.

version 4.0: This Charming Man 2

Title This Charming Man II: Purple Haze
Info The second This Charming Man skin featured Keanu Reeves. The purple shirt. The beard. The hair. Who can resist? The picture used in the layout came from Keanu and the fonts were Euphorigenic (still), Cezanne (enchanted), and Myriad (menu). I also used some brushes from The Fifth Muse and a gradient from roseicons. I may have used some other brushes but I forget where they were from. Sorry.

version 4.0: This Charming Man 3

Title This Charming Man III: Pretty in Pink
Info The final charming skin featured the excellent Leonardo DiCaprio, looking slightly less dapper than his fellow layoutees due to the goofiness of his pose. The picture used in the layout was from The Completely Unofficial Leonardo DiCaprio Home Page and the fonts were Hancock (still enchanted) and Trebuchet MS (menu). I also used some brushes from The Fifth Muse and Insomniac.

version 3.0: Men on a Beach

Title Men on a Beach
Info U2 is my favourite band EVER. I put this layout up around the time I decided to buy - a U2 layout to go with a U2-related domain name - which was also around the time U2's How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb was released, so it was a doubly celebratory layout. Somewhat ironically, I took the layout down the day after I bought tickets to see a show on the Vertigo tour. The silly picture of U2 came from Blender's website, the font is Foodshow, and the flowery background pattern was from Squidfingers.

version 2.0: King of the World

Title King of the World
Info This layout featured a great image of Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter from the film adaptation of Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban. The fonts used in the image are Pussycat and Cezanne.

version 1.0: fandoms collide

Title Fandoms Collide
Info At the time that I made this layout, I only had fanlistings related to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Joan of Arcadia, and Tori Amos. I think I had two Buffy sites and two Tori sites. So yeah, I took the whole fandoms colliding thing and made it happen by using an image of Tori and an image of Sarah Michelle Gellar that looked kind of similar. This was a very simple, almost minimalist layout. I liked it in terms of the image, but not so much as a layout. The images are probably from Here In My Head and Chosen Two and I think the font is Everything Must Go.

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