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Haley James Scott and Nathan Scott Always & Forever Subject Haley James Scott and Nathan Scott
Opened March 21, 2010
Members 40 (0 pending)
They started off as awkwardly matched high school sweethearts and developed into one of the best TV couples of all time. Don't be hatin' on Hathan. Co-owned with Morgan and Julie.

Serenity Belief Subject Serenity
Opened November 12, 2005
Members 523 (1 pending)
Amazing movie based on one of my favourite shows. Joss Whedon picks up the story of Mal and his crew as they discover the truth about why the Alliance wants to capture the Tams. In true Joss fashion, it's funny, dramatic, and sometimes horribly upsetting.

Spider-Man 2 Choice Subject Spider-Man 2
Opened March 13, 2006
Members 1074 (0 pending)
It's the best superhero movie ever made, about the best superhero ever created. It's maybe just the best movie ever made in any genre ... well, it's my favourite, anyway. I loved this movie so much I saw it at least 10 times in theatre. Adopted from Jasmine.

Joss Whedon Evil Genius Subject Joss Whedon
Opened March 12, 2005
Members 1120 (0 pending)
The man. The creator. The god. Yes, it's Joss. Adopted from Emma and co-run with Morgan, Julie, and Holly.

The X-Files 5.05 - The Post-Modern Prometheus Goodnight Dr. Frankenstein Subject The X-Files 5.05 - The Post-Modern Prometheus
Opened July 7, 2006
Members 40 (0 pending)
A fantastic episode of The X-Files which pays tribute to the story of Frankenstein with excellent results. I think it's one of the best episodes ever filmed of any show.

Brooke Davis One in a Million Subject Brooke Davis
Opened October 18, 2009
Members 1037 (0 pending)
Brooke goes from being pretty much the average dumb, kinda skanky cheerleader, to being a high-powered, confident businesswoman. She always has a great sense of fun, though, and that's one of the things that makes her so likeable. Adopted from Becca and Brianne, and co-owned with Bonster, Julie, and Morgan.

Haley James Scott Rock Star Tutor Girl Subject Haley James Scott
Opened August 23, 2009
Members 1420 (0 pending)
Smart, talented, and self-assured, Haley brings out the best in everyone around her. She's not perfect but she tries her best. She's also one half of one of my favourite TV couples. Adopted from Becca and Brianne, and co-owned with Bonster, Julie, and Morgan.

Nathan Scott Stepping Up Subject Nathan Scott
Opened August 19, 2009
Members 43 (0 pending)
For the first few episodes of One Tree Hill, Nathan is a jackass. A hot jackass, but still a jackass. Then he meets Haley and turns into one of the sweetest, most lovable, most upstanding, most generally awesome boys on TV. Also, have you seen his arms? Those are good arms to have. Adopted from Leia, who is very cool.

Peyton Sawyer The Comet Subject Peyton Sawyer
Opened December 28, 2010
Members 2051 (0 pending)
Despite the fact that Peyton's life is filled with heavy drama and tragedy, she never becomes unrelatable. Of the three strong ladies of One Tree Hill, she's probably the one who struggles the most trying to find her place in the world. That's one of the reasons I like her so much. Co-owned with Bonster, Julie, and Morgan.

Harry Potter and Ron Weasley The Dream Team Subject Harry Potter and Ron Weasley
Opened September 6, 2004
Members 572 (1 pending)
The usually solid (but sometimes strained) relationship between Harry and Ron is something I love a lot about the Harry Potter books. Every Potter needs his Wheezy to give him heart.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 4 Worlds Out of Balance Subject Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 4
Opened August 15, 2006
Members 144 (0 pending)
My favourite season of my favourite show! This season is extremely underrated and contains many of the best Buffy episodes. I also find the season-long Initiative story arc very interesting.

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